Friday, August 19, 2011

Ava's room--new!

Goodness me, it's taken me forever and a day to get these pictures up from Ava's room. Some of you may remember that a leisurely day painting her room turned "interesting" when we discovered that the one (yup, just one!) wall that was covered with wallpaper was actually just covering drywall. The wall looked like this when we attempted (very unsuccessfully) to strip it.

Thank the good Lord for my handy husband, who was driving from DIY store to hardware store and back again, all over town looking for a solution that didn't involve a contractor when I called him to say, "what about beadboard to cover it?" A week or so later, in between dinner and work, and corralling a little girl out of her room, he put up and painted some gorgeous beadboard that looks seamless. Seriously, I have to look really hard to find where the panels meet! We decided (okay, so I convinced him) to do the opposite wall as well, so it wouldn't seem so random. Anyway, here are the final results!

We painted the same Benjamin Moore Habor Fog for the blue, and used some extra trim paint that was leftover from the previous homeowners for the beadboard so it would match up. I think the trim paint was a Walmart brand, which we won't use again because it was like skim milk! So thin.

Here's a close-up of the pretty beadboard, and also a close up of her letters. You can see that the fabric is really crudely ripped and glued on. But I love them and think they look great anyway!

Here's a view of the opposite beadboarded wall. As great as the one wall looked, I really wanted some balance to the room with the beadboard, and not just a random wall that has beadboard on it (that was patching the wallpaper). Thus, more work for my husband, but it really feels balanced now.

Next up, Asher's room! And hopefully, it won't take me months!


Sharone said...

Gorgeous! You guys did a beautiful job. :) And that little pink refrigerator, well, if I ever come over, you'd better bolt it down. ;) Too cute.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I LUV it! I truly and sincerely thought that close up of the bed was an inspiration photo from PB. :) Well done! And I love your LR, too.