Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Alas, it's wallpaper and drywall

It started as a normal day.

B was going to spend a few hours painting A's room the beautiful blue (Benjamin Moore's Habor Fog) we had in our last home, and I was going to entertain the children.

Sidenote: Don't you think he got the better job? I kept knocking on the door and picking up a paint brush, but he was on to my plan of "helping." (helping myself to a break, har, har.)

Back to the room. Paint rollers smoothed on that pretty blue. The sun shone. Birds chirped. My son spit up. There was a wall that we knew we'd have to address. It was covered in wallpaper, but we just did a little spitzing of wallpaper-removing gel and a scourer and-easy, right?



That wallpaper would not remove! Finally, we managed to peel away a corner to reveal that the previous homeowners had wallpapered their beautiful floral wallpaper DIRECTLY TO THE DRYWALL.

*heart beats fast as I scratch frantically against the wallpaper*

"Perhaps just paint it over with paint," you say?

Well, that would be a great solution, had there not been one wall with the wallpaper and the others weren't textured, but alas.

"Perhaps, just call in a professional and get it textured," you say? Not in our budget, alas again.

Here are the pics I took with my phone. Please note that I did not do any editing; it's just that scary.

You can see here that we did try to paint over it just to see what it would look like.

"What did you do?" you say?

Well, I will show you once it's done. Let's just say that B went to Lowe's, and it turned into a not-so-normal day. But I kinda like those days, you know?

Update, soon, I promise!


walkers said...

oh no! can't wait to see the finished product. I love that blue- I am needing a good one for the boys new bedroom-hmm... also, I would LOVE to get together with you and your littles- facebook me. btw- are you keeping A in fumc next year?

Sharone said...

Oh, gosh. I well remember the horrors we discovered during the remodeling/redecorating that seemed to last my entire childhood. Including the paneling that was removed, only to reveal that the previous owners had connected the wall-mounted lighting using flimsy little non-grounded extension cords instead of electrical wiring. Oh, the adventurous things people will do to their homes when they think it will never matter...

I can't wait to see what genius solution you two came up with. I hope it's good and MacGyver-y. :D

Brad and Carrie said...

Hey! I have a question for you. Would you be willing to do a guest blog post on our blog? You are a wonderful writer and I would love to post some of your thoughts. But, I also know you are crazy busy with kiddos at the moment. Maybe your reflections on ministry, momhood, being tired or a favorite knock knock joke? What do you think? If it's too much for the time being, just shelf it until you feel like procrastinating on dishes :)