Wednesday, August 3, 2011

living room.

I've been honing in on my writing style the past few months, and lo and behold, it's actually helped me hone in on my decor style. I do love tweaking the setting of my life, and honestly, it's a wonderful distraction from the rest of my responsibilities. We've recently finished our living room, which is in the same area as our dining and kitchen--another great thing about our new home. Life flows into one setting and back into another easily. Here are a few pics I snapped while my firstborn was out to lunch with her Gigi and the littlest was napping.

The Jane Austen pillows were inspired by the lovely Dear Lillie. I added a green bow to bring in the moss green color from the butterflies.

What could you tell about my current writing project based on my decor? Something gothic, moody, and saturated?

You would be right.


Dear Lillie said...

Love your room! And you did a fabulous job on the pillows!

Us said...

Very cute Alison! Looks super cosy!