Monday, April 18, 2011


Surely you've heard about Pinterest, right? I would describe it as a visual way of organizing your bookmarks...and the best part is, you get to see other people's bookmarks/ideas/cool things of note. Here's mine, and I definitely haven't made a dent in it yet. But already, I could spend hours on it pinning more stuff and looking at others' pins.

But don't you have enough to do, what with tweeting and linking in and poking (who does that on facebook anyway? what purpose does it serve?)?

Yes, you do.

But here are some reasons I love it, and why you should add it to your social networking repertoire..

--it's a VISUAL way of seeing everything you've already bookmarked. I am always bookmarking some clever idea from a blog, and then it gets lost with all my other bookmarks. With pinterest, I can glance at through them at once.

--very helpful if you're wanting to define your style, whether for yourself or your home. It's the "know it when you see it" philosophy, which is from my marketing days. Clients may not know what they want until they see it. Same with you, right? You know you love that bedroom and that one, too--but now that you can pin them and see them side by side, you see that you really just love lots of white bedding with a dark wall. Interesting, hmmmm?

--I'm nosy. What do you like? Me too! You can follow others pins and they can follow yours. It's one big shopping/brainstorming session without the gas.

If you're on it, I'd love to follow you. If you're not, I have 5 invitations to give. Message me in the comments your email addy, and I'll send an invite your way!


Adrienne said...

Oooh me! I'm "pinterested" (that was terrible-sorry!)

p.s. I love reading your blog!

JCo said...

Hey Alison. Looks like you can pin recipes. That would be wonderful. I am constantly bookmarking recipes, never to be found again. I would like to give this a try. Would you invite me? Do you need an email? jen at petervcook dot com. Hope all is well with you in TX!

Alison said...

Invites sent to both of you! Enjoy!