Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UPDATE: They're all accounted for!

Ya'll, I still have some pinterest invites left to give. And how else will you ignore work, laundry, and your offspring?

If you do sign up for pinterest, you will have to wait for an invite, which can take upwards of three years. Alright, maybe two weeks. But with my invite, you can INSTANTLY enjoy "pinning" recipes while the hungry people in your household ask where dinner is.

Anyway, my point is, ask me! I'm giving them AWAY.


Sharone said...

Hey! Will you invite me? I had an invite and then in a matter of minutes I accidentally deleted my account (long story). Anyway. Will ya? grammarsnark [at] gmail [dot] com. :D

Sharone said...

Um, nevermind, pinterest is nice and helped me fix it. (Those people are fast!

Safe to say I'll be finding you on pinterest soon. :)

Petra said...


I'd love an invite, please! Too impatient to wait for mine :) Many thanks, P.

Petra said...

Oh, and my e-mail address is petralovesdogs [at] googlemail [dot] com
Thanks again!

sarah. said...

oh i'd love to consume my days doing this!

Miss L said...

Do you still have any invites? I'd love one! :)

amlopac {@} gmail {dot} com
Better Than a Milk Mustache

Jill@Barnes Yard said...

Me, me, me!