Thursday, March 3, 2011

We've moved, ya'll! And we're almost unpacked and enjoying all of our space ever so much. Right now I'm typing this from our family room enjoying the breeze that's coming in from the dining area. What's key about this experience is the BREEZE. Dear, owner of our old rental, why did you paint the windows shut?

Anyways, what's also exciting about our new home is that the Littlest A gets his very own room in which to nap and otherwise grow up in. I've been planning this room in my mind so long that I'm giddy with excitement! What to start with first?

Perhaps with his name?

In lue of letters above the crib that are everywhere, I decided to order an inexpensive canvas from Canvas People with this picture that my fab sister-in-law, Jessica, took on one of our living room chairs a few weeks after he was born.

I ordered a 16 x 20 from Canvas People--and yes, it will be BIG. But, I figure a canvas is much more fall-friendly, so we might as well make it big! Plus, Canvas People is super inexpensive.

Stay tuned for more boy nursery developments!

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