Sunday, February 13, 2011

with a knick knack....

Lately, I've come to terms that I'm a recovering "but-it's-only-$3.99!" and "how cheap can we furnish this place?" decorator. This may have come into perspective when we were quoting movers and one of them remarked that we had a lot of knick-knacks, so that would up their packing time. After he left, I then cornered B into analyzing that remark with "but we don't have a lot of knick-knacks" and "we live in a small house! if you put several things in a small house, of course that can seem overwhelming" to "do you really think we have a lot of STUFF? We don't buy a lot and we are always having yard sales!"

I continued on until I noticed that B was ignoring me and tending to other activities such as GETTING US READY TO MOVE.

I know, where are his priorities, right?

However, lately I've looked at all of my knick-knack-patty-whacks and agreed that they were beautiful and a "great deal" but I didn't love all of them. This includes furniture, in which I don't love the pattern, color, or fabric. Most of them were simply bought because they were goshdarnsocheap, cute, and would fill a space. They didn't have a history with me, and I found that I would have easily given them away or sold them to get something I really liked. Which....turns out to not be such a great deal in the end, right?

We close on our new house this week, and we delightedly discovered that when you move out of the city, you get more space--not only to run, but to live in, too. Our new house has lots of space for knick-knacks, yard sale furniture, and more. But this time, we're telling ourselves it's okay to live in empty rooms--we're not going to rush out to furnish it with pennies and some "ehhh" stuff. I'm determined that we can WAIT for the things we love--to afford them and to find them!

Oh, and we're planning one mean garage sale this spring.

The picture above is actually the knick-knackiest place in our current house--the mantel--and it also happens to be my favorite part of our home. So, you know, it's all relative.


Amanda said...

I think you have a really great style. Not that I've been in your house, but all the pictures you have posted are so great. We have been in our home almost 3 years and I've just now got my dining room finished. It took me forever because I was waiting on things that I loved and now it's my favorite room. I hope you guys love your new place!

AnniePearl said...

Because of your great style I am going to get that poster...yep, I need it now after seeing it again. $3.99 well worth it!

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