Friday, March 4, 2011

I went to Target today, and it was proven that regardless of what Target you go to, shopping there is similar to a sugar high. Euphoric at first, and then the crash comes soon after when you're aimlessly pushing a cartload of stuff around in circles second-guessing not only your purchases, but your entire decor--perhaps existence, even-- in general.

How modern do I want to go?

Does this look eclectic or just badly placed?

Do I buy one really loved expensive purchase or ten okay inexpensive ones?

Does that guy work here or is he just wearing a red shirt?


I knew Littlest A would be the best shopping buddy when he did not abandon me after my 5th turn around the bath mats, although he did finally fall asleep from exhaustion. However, I can't say I blame him. All that was on my lists were rugs for our home and some drum shades to update our lamps in the bedroom, but I managed to spend 2 hours there.

But why stop at just 2 hours? Let's ogle at them all over again!

Starburst Rug
(Loving this one--I may have to go back and get it)

Home Medallion Rug

Home Dream Rug

I picked this one to go with my shower curtain that's in our main bath.

I got this one for the kitchen doorway off the garage. It was super inexpensive, but the geometric print made it feel like it had a little "extra."


AnniePearl said...

Oh, Target...only 2 hours when you are setting up a new house? I love the rugs you purchased. I think I need to go and get the tan and cream one for our house. Can you do more shopping and post options so I can just go and purchase what you have highlighted? You've got great tast and thanks for sharing!

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