Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sew. I Did It.

I've been following a noteworthy, creative blog, Grograin Fabulous, lately, who is posting a series called The Top 10 Big Ticket Items Every DIYer Should Own. One of them, the sewing machine, had always been an intimidating tool for me. I grew up watching my mom and grandmother discuss sewing and "how easy it is." My mom sewed a couple of outfits for me and even my flowergirls; dresses and firstborn's bedding. My first job out of college, I toured my company's factory and watched a slew of women sewing products with amazing speed. I wanted to learn and didn't know where to's an intimidating hobby to take this just me who thinks this? It's like Crafting Level Tier 1 or something, right?

Well, I blog to bring you good news. Last year, I somehow taught myself to sew via YouTube videos on how to thread my machine and learned basic techniques by studying geniuses like Ruffles and Stuff. It CAN be done--I don't know how I learned or picked up stuff, but it wasn't as hard as I perceived it to be! Now, I have a lot to learn and would appreciate it if no one looks too closely at my stitching (or lack thereof), but, friends, I sew.

A few weeks ago, my friend, Steph, told me about Little Girls, Big Style. I got the book off of Amazon and decided to try the most basic of patterns in the book--a bodice and ruffle pants. I've been wanting to make ruffle pants for awhile for A-- they are so cute and feel a little Eastern to me for some reason....especially when he had some on with her Tiny Toms the other day. I would love to make some with a denim-type fabric and think they would be super cute with a tie as a belt around the waist instead of elastic. The pants were not difficult and more of a capri-style (I would do a longer style next time), but the bodice was another kind of animal. Lining, straps, and BUTTONHOLES that nearly sent me over the edge. Let's just say that I'll be taking a break from making anything more complicated from the book for awhile (I should anyway, though, right? I'm about to MOVE, people!). And, I feel like I should note that I respect sewers anymore after I sewed this "BASIC bodice" and "BASIC ruffle pants."

Anyways, with much wailing and gnashing of teeth and a couple of days where we were stuck in the house because it had snowed, here we are! The style is a little more girly than A wears--and I may eliminate the bottom ruffle of the bodice next time, but hey, I sewed this! Myself! It's been reserved as the "Valentine's Day outfit" but she loves it and kept dancing around the room after I took this picture. So worth it after seeing her love it so much.

Whew. Now I'm going to go take a nap.

Sidenote: Check out my talented sister-in-law's darling sewing nook. I shamelessly pat myself on the back a little because I taught her how to sew after I taught myself!


Mary Abreu said...

The outfit looks fantastic! Love the cherries with the stripes. Thanks for giving my book a try!

AnniePearl said...

Great Job, Alison! Love the mix of the fabric and how proud Ava looks. Fantastic work!

Customized Essay said...

Looks good & sounds great..