Tuesday, October 21, 2008

what happened.

"Did you not see what just happened?" My husband asked me with widening eyes as he walked up to me.

"What?" I looked up from my book and scanned the crowded airport terminal. There could have been a myriad of things that happened. The couple a few benches over could have had an argument, the child with her dinner placed precariously on her lap could have dropped it, or the man with the permanent frown on his face could have broken out in song. But none of those things had happened.

"Really, what happened?" I said to him as he sat down slowly and nervously laughed.

"I just caused a scene." He said before bursting out into laughter. "I can't believe you didn't see it."

Well, the book was a good one, and my annoyance was growing as our pending flight time slipped into delay after delay--all of these thoughts crossed my mind as excuses. But saying them would only cause the story to be postponed. "What. Happened. Seriously." I asked him again, this time with a warning in my tone. Warning what, I'm not sure. Maybe a scene from me?

He drew in a breath to stop his laughter and began his tale. "So, I was coming out of the bathroom. And I spotted the airline pilots and flight attendants for our flight walking by me. I thought you were watching, so I waved at them and pretended to ask them as they passed where they had been. You know, like a "thanks for finally getting here, guys." I don't know; I thought you'd think it was funny. They didn't see me, just like I had planned. But another guy across the room did. He thought I was waving at him."

"Okay..." I started grinning.

"And he was struggling with a suitcase or tying his shoe or something, but is squinting at me like he should know me. So he waves at me. But then he trips. And as he's tripping, he starts gaining momentum. He can't stop himself. He finally barrels into a trash can like a linebacker. And then all the trash flies out of it. People gasp and start helping him up and stuff."

"What? What did you do?" I tried to look concerned but could not swallow my laugh.

"I came back here. Our flight's about to leave." He paused, feigning concern for the poor man, but couldn't hold his laugh in any longer, either.

This time, we were the ones who caused the scene.


Jill said...

i laughed out loud on that one- poor ava- i can't believe she is that sick!!

Jill said...

why do you feel the need to approve all of my comments?

anne said...

I LOVE stories like this. They are the best...especially when experienced with your spouse!
This is a goodie! :)

Alison said...

lol, Jill! Actually, I have had lots of people commenting on my blog that are actually advertising something. So approving comments keeps the spam to a minimum.:)

So, don't worry, I'm not singling anyone out here.:)