Friday, December 31, 2010

everyone should have their own Pioneer Woman

We had a regular 'ole "we got too much" Christmas around here, so while we exert the strength of a thousand men trying to open Barbie boxes (can someone answer me as to why this is so difficult?), I have to showcase my friend, Nicole, whose family got some special someones for their Christmas. I met Nicole when she was adorned with her regular cardigan and pearls, but had no idea of her adorable farm-life in the making, which still includes pearls, but also the addition of cute work boots. Her 3-year-old, Annie Pearl (I know, can you believe what an adorable name that is?) is just like her, with tenacity, classiness, and personality plus. A and I, otherwise known to them as city mice, went this summer to their home in "the country," and while A ran from the chickens in terror, I flopped around in the heat, miserable and pregnant. Needless to say, we embarrassed ourselves, and Annie Pearl was less than impressed with the friends her mother brings around. We're hoping for a second chance soon because A's "we habbent visiting Hannie Pearl in 'while" melts me. Nicole brought me an incredible meal after we had Littlest A that included her homemade jam, and I am savoring every last morsel of it. I think everyone should have their own Pioneer Woman in their life, but if you can't, you should read Nicole's blog, Chasing One Squirrel at a Time.

In other news, my son likes to play with my hopes and dreams by sleeping through the night (10pm-4am) one night and getting up every two hours the next.

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AnniePearl said...

Can I say how much I am going to miss you when you move. I was just catching up on blog and just discovered your post. My heart melted and I read your words at the most perfect time, I am feeling overwhelmed with animals, live and how I need to navigate some friendships and your kind words have uplifted me beyond belief and I know it was meant to be for me to read your post. And because of your awesomeness I am going to post this on my blog as a reminder that what I am doing matters. Thank you for being my "city mice" and as you know you are welcome anytime. xoxoxo