Tuesday, June 22, 2010

june-teenth wedding

This past weekend we got to witness the sweetest, most holy wedding ever of my baby brother and his stunning bride, J. A was the flowergirl and B was the officiant, or the "knot-tier," which is what I liked to call him the entire weekend. It gave it a classy sound, don't you think?

J looked beautiful, and I am forever saying that I think blonde brides are gorgeous. There's something about that hair and the color white, like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday.

Here's a picture of our little girl at the reception, delighted to discover that if she ever so gently dipped her finger into her water glass, she could paint a picture on the silver charger in front of her. Whatever keeps her happy and quiet during a formal affair, right?

Our table turned our chargers over to learn that they were not "food-safe" from a sticker on the back. Because again, we're classy like that and, subsequently, confused.

She and her Daddy dancing--I love this picture and know it will make B tear up in the years to come!

Speaking of years to come, did you know ours will entail a little boy, too? I'm getting bigger by the second, and please let me advise you, do not be pregnant during the summer in Texas. You will not take pictures of yourself at beautiful weddings, and then, your blogger readers are sure to riot in response.


amanda k. brown said...

riot. riot. riot.

Amanda said...

Oh my word! You're having a boy? So exciting! It's such a blessing to have both.

Nancy said...

How wonderful Alison! May God bless you, Brandon and Miss Ava with a healthy beauitful boy. I'm sure Ava will be a GREAT big sister:) I miss you all very much.

Jill said...

Ava looks so beautiful!!!

Melissa_Rae said...

My little brother got married this summer also! I had a three-week-old at the wedding and was chasing the older three because my husband was the best man and got sat at the wedding party table. I also did not take pictures of myself for the blog. :)

Congrats on the boy! That's very exciting. And Ava looks beautiful in that picture.

We are the Guerra's! said...

Oh bless your heart. I remember being in the early stages of pregnancy with HORRIBLE round the clock morning sickness in the Texas summer. I feel your pain and hope you're finding every excuse under the sun to stay inside! And I won't riot over the lack of pictures ;o) Congrats on the boy!