Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sometimes, I don't have a lot to say here because I'm reading so many awesome words out there. But you should have to suffer in boredom that I have the same ole post up for a week! So here are some goodies....

A writer at the New Yorker writes about who we are vs. where we come from. Can you really ever be separated from the two?

Laugh, Kookaburra

Ann at A Holy Experience writes about hope. I badgered and begged B to read this post last week (in which he loved too), so I though I'd do the same to you. Ready? Okay. Pretty, please? Seriously. Read it!

When You've Given Up All Hope

And finally, please skip on over to Sharone at The Grammar Wall of Shame. She somehow got lost on the Interweb one day and landed on my blog, commented, and now we're officially nerdy grammar friends. Her other blog is Zizzivvizz, which is equally clever. I only know Sharone in the virtual world, which is probably best, because I somehow think we would be particularly obnoxious together in real life, perhaps in an English class laughing over Florentino's wussiness in Love in the Time of Cholera. (I'm kind of embarrassed for him. Like, seriously, man up already.)

This post is particularly hilarious, detailing The Christian Science Monitor. And I think that's a good place to end this post, especially since my last sentence was a dangling participle that I'm positive made Sharone's skin crawl.

I'm on Day 1 of potty-training, so my posts may be sparse for the next week or so. Or not. I never know.

If you want more of my links throughout the week, check out my tumblr page.


Amanda said...

Alison, they totally do have those! The smallest one I found was 18 months. You should totally get one! Altough the only thing worse, to me, than bringing my 7-month-old daughter to a game would be bringing my 18-month-old daughter to a game. Ha ha!

Sharone said...

Oh wow, I hope I can live up to such high praise! :) and now I am going to hav to catch up on all my back posts on the grammar blog so I can entice some new readers with my sparklingly witty content! And never fear, I'm sure some day in real life we can get together and talk about lame literary men (ahem, Edward Ferrars, I'm talking to you!) or other equally obnoxious things. :)

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing these links, Alison. I especially loved and needed to hear the one about hope.

I love the grammar blog, too. Such fun!