Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I am always telling B that I have writer's block. I can never think of good storylines, although he has somehow acquired a talent for this, and it frustrates me to no end. You can't be good at everything; it's a simple rule of life. It's probably even mentioned somewhere in Leviticus or Proverbs.

I was reading a post yesterday from a blog of a writer who is challenging herself to take her everyday experiences and turn them into a plot. I was struck with this idea, simply because, my life is ridiculous sometimes.

For instance, the happenings of this week involve investigating a weird smell coming from under the house, and the only way to investigate was to crawl under from the inside. Fortunately, I did not have to do this, but the church maintenance man (Mr. Fix It) recruited a very nice exterminator, who had the great pleasure of performing this incredible act of service. Mr. Fix It was attending to some other things in the house when I came home, and when I entered the house, I instantly knew death had exited via the front door, because, well, I could smell it.

"You don't want to know what it was," he told me.

"What was it?" And then I knew. I glanced down at my sweet Persian cat, who stared at me wide-eyed. He looked like he had seen it all and now was terrified. What IS this place?, his amber eyes pleaded.

"Oh, no. It was a cat, wasn't it?"

He confirmed it, and then I thought that was the end of that. But, it wasn't. According to Mr. Fix It, and rightfully so, I did not deserve the gory details of removing such a thing (bless the exterminator, Lord), but B did. And as he shared them with B, and B enjoyed these details, he thought I needed to know them too once Mr. Fix It left.

I will never be the same again. I cannot get the imagery out of my head. And, thanks to me for loving the art of description, I have probably made it worse than it actually was.

Wait.....*remembering the details*

No, I don't think that's possible.

P.S. Incidentally, Mr. Fix It was shocked when I told him today that I now knew the details about the removal. He has offered to "straighten out" my husband because of it. I may take him up on that the next time B spouts out a fabulous storyline that I should have thought of in the first place...;)


Jill said...

that's funny! I know one of your incidents that would have made a great little plot. Your trip to Target awhile back with Ava...

the Hunts said...

Poor Atticus.....he was probably traumatized. See you soon....