Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nothing like a little shameless self promotion again, right? First, thank you for all your sweet comments about my article. I'm so humbled that any of you would actually want to read my rambling thoughts, but praise the Lord He steps in when we need Him.

So, I make these hair clips, and although I rarely post them for sale on etsy because I take orders from various boutiques, I thought I'd slap some up there. Especially since I can't get over how cute some of them are. I contemplated removing them all and reserving them for A, but she truly has too many clips as it is. Today we were pulling away from the house, and her tiny hand was frantically running through her hair as she said, "Pick! Pick!" (Clip! Clip!). Oops, mommy forgot, baby. Either she's already concerned with accessorizing appropriately, or I've created a hair clip monster.

Either way, I'm hoping you'll have the same hair clip hysteria with your tiny tot one day. Here are some pics of my hair clips in my etsy shop, Rock a Bow Baby. Enjoy and if you would like a tutorial to make your own, just let me know!


Jill said...

those are really cute!! i love all your home improvements- you did a great job with the picture taking too! You are becoming a true professionaly blogger.

edie said...

Those are adorable. And I would love to have met you too. Birmingham was fun...but as always, I'm glad to be home. I read and enjoyed your article. Have a great week!

Jesse and Dori said...

Really cute clips! I like your name too, Rock a Bow Baby!
To comment on your earlier post, just like Christ, we are to hate the sin, not the sinner.
Hope ya'll are doing well, we would love to see you and MEET Ava sometime soon!