Sunday, January 18, 2009

An Open Letter to The Lost Show on ABC

Dear Lost,

I'll admit it; I'm a little bit soft. You had me at the second show of Lost. You reeled me in, and we got along great. For the next few seasons, I knew all about you and had so much fun hanging out with you and my friends. They loved you as much as I did.

But then, you got a little distant. A little crazy. Remember that polar bear in the first season? I kept wanting to go deeper with you about that, but you kept ignoring me. Maybe it was a mistake, but just admit it. Don't try to distract me with other story-lines.

They you started killing people off. And then acting like they were alive. But still telling me that they were dead. Or alive. Or not. I got a little annoyed, but I thought I'd stick it out. We had been through a lot together, and you had so much mystery.

But lately, you've gone off the deep end. You never answer my questions. In fact, you start with something entirely different. At this point, I don't even know what time period we're in--past, present, future? I just count my lucky stars that I know the character's names. But I even question myself on that when you start changing them all over again.

My point is, Lost, is that I'm a little hurt. I know you want to start up again this coming week, but I'm a little guarded. I'm going to be there, but I'm playing hard to get this season. Get your act together, communicate clearly, and wrap it up.

That's all.



Jill said...

You are funny. I never watched that one- but that is sorta how I feel about Gray's. It is a little out there!

Kelly said...

This is what happened with Alias. This is why I never watched Lost. I do not think I missed anything. ;-)

Great post!

Andrew said...

I think "Lost" needs counseling. That show is seriously messed up

Nicki W. said...

i am dying laughing! ok, i could not have said it better myself! you are flashing backwards, then forwards, no's backwards--but it is all the SAME time in the backwards and forwards! WHAT?!? and yeah, don't ignore the polar bear! or the weird scary black cloud that kills people!

MK said...

I'm with you friend. We can play hard to get together. But, I'm still watching the show...So, I'm playing hard to get in front of the TV...