Tuesday, January 31, 2012

hello again, to me from me.

As soon as he took his steps, I emerged out of a fog.

He stopped nursing, and I felt like a little more like me again.

Me, the person, who felt like one now that sleep was returning more normally.

This one loves having mama on more equal terms, too.

And so does this one.

Life with two little ones and one of me still is an adjustment.

But I wouldn't trade being me, for anything else in the world.


Sharone said...

Oh, those babies with those eyes! So beautiful.

I'm glad you're finding footing. I miss you. :)

Ashleigh said...

Your kids are so beautiful!! And I so relate to the feeling more like me. Just the last month I feel like I've come out of a fog.

Shene' said...

Beautiful family. I totally identify..I always feel like I've finally come out of a fog when nursing is done. Hormones? The "ownership" of my body again? I remember the time fondly, but I like being me too.

Kim Bullock said...

What adorable children you have!