Wednesday, February 17, 2010

how I don't know really what I'm doing and you can too!

Thanks for your patience! The Internet connection returned home like a prodigal son, and I did not hesitate to throw my arms around it like a waiting parent. But before that, it was killing me to get so many new visitors here and not be able to greet you adequately! Thank you for all of your sweet comments about my little girl's room! In no way am I a decorator-by any terms! I really just look at a lot of pictures and use my sense of balance when choosing what to put where. Essentially, I'm a copycat.

Decorating my daughter's room was a joy, and a great way to introduce a more modern look in my very non-modern home. Are you like me in that you want the smushiest, cushiest, chippiest look to foster warmth, comfort, and hospitality in your home?

I know! I love that look, too!

Well, I am here to say something new, my friends.

Do Not Be Afraid of the Modern.

I used to hate modern decor. I thought it was cold, sterile, and not rational. Chairs seemed like waiting room chairs--ones that you only wanted to be in for 15 minutes or less. Art was avant garde. And colors were jarring, not soothing.

So, like many, I tried my best to stay away from it and embraced everything else on the opposite end of the spectrum. However, lately, I've been a little more open to modern style in the hopes to add some substance to my cottage decor. Every soft line needs a hard one to balance it, but it doesn't have to be something you don't love. Here are some elements of modern decor to consider adding into cottage-y/beach-y/shabby chic decor.


-patterns on top of patterns


-go big instead of small

-don't be so serious!

Based on the above bullets, can you spot the modern elements in these comfy, inviting rooms?

From Pure Style Home

I love Pure Style Home, and truly, Lauren is the one who's given me a push for more modern in my home. Here, the AMAZING chandelier from Anthropologie is a statement piece for her dining/living room as well as the beautiful piece of art (museum-like). She also features a bold pattern against her couch. It still feels comfortable and homey.

From Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs is a great store to find modern elements while keeping the warmth of your original decor. Here you can see that the large picture is "museum-like" and the big floral arrangement has presence.


Patterns on top of patterns--and they're bold, too! This bedroom still keeps a soothing feeling with the bold pillows against the white bedding.

I love this bedroom in its prim and properness, and then you have the zebra rug! It's the definition of a true Texas girl (which makes sense since it's a Texas' girl's house!). We know how to act like ladies, but aren't afraid of doing a man's job, either. The modern elements here is the bold print of the zebra rug, which is the surprise factor, too (not so serious).

Cote de Texas via House and Home online

Baby steps, baby steps--don't forget it! And embrace a little modern decor in your life--carefully, though. It does have hard lines, after all.

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tiffany said...

Thanks for your sweet comment allison! I love your blog--your daughters room is delightful! And thanks for introducing me to a couple other really cute blogs in this post too!