Saturday, November 28, 2009

it's beginning to look a little like....

....HOME! With Thanksgiving, my birthday, an in-laws' anniversary party, and being a little under the weather (ugh, head colds are the worst), it seems like it's taking for-evah to get our new home situated. And most the time I'm just stumped on how to make it all fit! My thought process goes a little like this...

"Simplify, simplify, simplify--hey I need this!--where do I put it?--it can be jammed here--or under the bed--oh, there's no room--how about here?--i can just keep the door closed--but perhaps it's a hazard now--hmmm--oh, great, now where is this other thing going to go?"


I'll be back soon with some pictures.

As soon as I find the camera cord.

It's probably under the bed.

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poehl family said...

allison...yes! i remember you! and i love your blog (just checked it out). will add you to my blogroll so i can follow your posts. you are a wonderful writer & you're so right, we share a love for good reads! thanks for dropping in & i look forward to learning from you. come say hi if you ever see me at Grace!