Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We are here! We moved halfway across the country once again, and now have completed our five-year triangle of Texas, Kentucky, Alabama, and now, back to Texas. And, it may be premature, but I love Fort Worth. Why did I not know how cool it was when I only lived an hour and half from it for 15+ years?

Our move was tiring and hard. I still can't believe we made it through it all. From our cat getting sick the day we were supposed to start loading, to B being trapped at the moving truck office for 3 hours while they tried to print a contract with no printer ink, to being unable to drive up our steep driveway with the truck and having to park it on the street (not fun=walking up and down a hill many times with heavy boxes), to us getting nervous that perhaps the truck was too small, to A throwing up all over her carseat and two blankies (yes, also on one on reserve just in case "something" happened!) after we had unhooked and loaded the washer and dryer, to me wondering if I was going to lose it at any point, to B telling me that I had to choose a piece of furniture to leave because it wasn't all going to fit, to me actually losing it and saying it was all going to have to fit-just-make-it-fit-I-don't-care-how, to our beloved friends and neighbors praying for us after everything did indeed fit, to both of us spending our last moments in our house in our baby's room where she was brought home from the hospital, to driving 11+hours with A on Christmas Eve the next day following B in the truck and my stepMIL in our other car, to finally making it to Waco and collapsing into bed.

The entire time I kept thinking, "Thank the Lord that Christmas is at the end of all of this." I definitely needed a break for a few days as did all of us before we drove to Fort Worth with some of our family to unload everything to our tiny house here. We are in an amazing location, although our rental home is in some serious need of TLC. And Clorox. It's going to be a long time cleaning the dirt from the 1920s, which is when the house was built, but the fact that B has a six minute commute is unreal. We are also so glad to be meeting some of our new church family--they have been so warm and welcoming to us. This coming Sunday is our meet and greet for all the services, and although it's intimidating at the names I've already managed to forget, it's so good to be back in the Lone Star state.

Thank you for all your well-wishes and emails! We finally got internet yesterday, and I hope to connect with all of you soon!

Here's A setting up house herself at the playground across the street. Yes, there's a PLAYGROUND across the street from our house! God is good!


Kelly said...

I know that rental house feeling! It is nice to be at the end of the road, though.

Kylie said...

phew! glad you made it safe and sound. moving is NEVER fun. praying you feel at home in your house really soon!

Jill said...

yea!!! I'm so glad my bestie is closer!