Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In the buffet of life's friendships, ours with our neighbors is truly one of the desserts.

Time with them always seems to run short, whether it's late in the night or squeezed in between overlapping schedules. We've stood at each other's doors and felt our hearts groan when it was time to leave, as if it was a last scrape against the bowl or the final lick of a spoon. God certainly topped his providence with the "coincidence" of having another pastor and his wife, who shared the very same infertility issues I had, living only three houses from ours. We've shared the birth of our daughter, long ministerial discussions, a locked house that needed their innovative thinking to break into, laughter that could not continue without shedding of some tears (and maybe a snort), and more. But my favorite memory is peering at a positive pregnancy test that previously, time and time again, had said no. Her eyes were wide, and we both tried to contain our screeching that could have been heard across town to her oblivious husband at work. We hate to miss out on the firsts of the little one growing in her belly, but praise God that tiny holes in all of our hearts will be overwhelmed with joy of the debut of this new little resident.

We love you guys and will miss you terribly.

Here we are last year at A's first Halloween.

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