Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It finally clicked.

Life really is not a rough draft. And sometimes, I'm waiting for the opportunity to live mine in its final copy. My best outfits are saved for some unknown-not-yet-in-existence special occasion. I decide to forgo a good idea if it can't be presented in an ideal way. And I won't participate in community if the friendships aren't what I expected.

It sounds like perfectionism, but really I'm just balking.

I am making an attempt now, however, to really just LIVE. To be real--for myself and for God. That's why I'm loving this shirt from Just Be.

I want to live organically. And not just in my organic freak way of buying only organic milk and hormone-free meat. I want to live the way God has made me. To take my opportunities when they come. And delight in the lot I am given.

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